The right telecommunications for your working from home teams

Flexibility in the workplace has been gradually occurring over recent years, however, 2020 has proven to be the “Working from home” year and many businesses were not prepared for the changes that happened nor did they have the right telecommunications in place to support their teams.

As we head into the latter part of the year, working from home has become normal so it’s important that in order to sustain business, you need to have the right telecommunications solutions in place to ensure that your business is functioning seamlessly.

So what telecommunications solutions benefit working from home?

Unified Communications is a superb way of ensuring that your teams are fully supported whilst working remotely. You are able to keep your business telephone number, meaning your teams can effectively be anywhere and be responding to calls and enquiries.

Team Collaboration: By implementing Unified Communications, your teams are able to work quickly and efficiently as if they were in the office.

EfficiencyAll of your services are consolidated on to one platform which means you receive the efficiency your teams need.

Secure: This cloud-based platform means all your data is held securely in highly secure data centres.

Call control: All your teams calls are controlled from a desktop or mobile interface.

Video-conferencing & Instant messaging: Your teams can stay in touch with instant messages and have meetings with the video conferencing facility.

At Mode, we not only support your teams with our Unified Communications Solutions, but we can also offer you support with your Print & IT Solutions, You need to know your teams are fully supported to ensure that your business doesn’t suffer. So do contact us today and find out how we can integrate all your managed business solutions to support you working from home.

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