Cloud Telephony: The Benefits for your Business

Adopting the Cloud as part of a business’s telecommunications strategy, has increased in popularity particularly this year when remote working has become part of the norm.

From efficient and fast collaboration to cost benefits, moving to the cloud offers your business so many advantages. So here are our top 3 benefits for cloud telephony.

Top Tip 1

The Cloud will increase your team’s productivity -Top Tip 1

With easy set up and integration with your business systems such as your CRM, the Cloud will manage all your inbound and outbound calls no matter where your team are. The Cloud ensures you have a seamless call experience because your phone lines can be paired to your teams’ mobile devices meaning you keep your telephone number and your customers are able to contact you wherever you are. Also with the added benefit of a unified voicemail, your messages can be picked up from any device along with the fact that call queuing can be implemented so that your callers do not become frustrated with receiving an engaged tone.

Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems also have incredible features to ensure that you are managing your teams remotely. With call monitoring and recording available and quick dial from computers means that as business leaders and team members the Cloud ensures visibility and transparency in your communications.

Reliability in the Cloud- Top Tip 2

Cloud telephony supports greater communications within your organisation, either between your teams or between you and your customers, ensuring that you’re always available is key in ensuring that you never miss a call nor your teams find it hard to collaborate. This has become even more important this year and traditional on-premises telephone systems have long been known to be unable to support remote working successfully.

With the Cloud, it doesn’t matter what may be happening, floods, electricity down, your phone system will still keep working and even though your system is being supported by a server somewhere in a secure location, your system will often be split across several servers, so should one go down, your phone lines definitely wont and you will still receive your business calls no matter where you are!

Cost benefits to your business – Top tip 3

A cloud-based phone system ultimately saves your business money because it functions from your internet connection that you already have installed! You will no longer need to invest in hefty, bulky phone systems sitting on your premises and will help your line rental costs. Also, you will be able to scale up or down your phone system as you need-it ultimately gives your business the flexibility it needs!

If you’d like advice on how placing your telecommunications in the Cloud, then please contact our Mode Communications team today!

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