Are Cloud Telecommunications Secure?

Technology has been rapidly changing in recent years and businesses have been increasingly relying on the Cloud to support their processes with 80% of the budget committed to Cloud Services because of the flexibility and scalability it provides compared to in-house equipment.

However, how secure is your telecommunications if it is hosted in the cloud?

Obviously there are concerns over Cloud Telecommunications as your businesses calls and messages are all passed through your Cloud Service providers data centres and you do not want hackers do have the capability in any way of being able to access any of your sensitive data!

McAfee conduct a Cloud Security Survey every year, surveying 1,400 IT decision makers to identify their security issues. This year’s survey revealed some interesting facts:

97% rely on Cloud Technology

88% are storing sensitive data in the Cloud

Cloud Telecommunications is a robust way to run your communications because it provides:

Encryption: All data and calls are encrypted with Cloud technology and protected against any external threats or attacks-you can be assured your calls and messages are secure

Secure data centres: All Cloud Data centres operate on the highest standards of security and ensure that they are fully up to date with security

Protected from external attacks: Viruses, intrusions, and DDoS (distributed denial-of-service attacks-a process of flooding the system with so many calls that the system cannot cope!) have no chance of infiltrating your Cloud communications as the Cloud always maintains the latest protection programmes.

Redundancy: All Cloud services are operated redundantly meaning your teams will always be able to access the data they need even if the data centre should fail!

Are there any risks with Cloud Telecommunications?

Your Cloud telecommunications provider will always ensure that these security measures are in place. However, as a business, Mode would advise that you implement an internal Data Protection Policy within your business as often security breaches occur due to human error. So, support your teams by implementing the following:

Data Processed: What data is processed and what security measures are required. Get an overview of your data and define the required security level- Your telecommunications provider should be able to support you with this.

What and Who Access the data: Access controls are so important in your business. Ascertain who needs access, who should have access to ensure you are as secure as possible.

What are the risks in your business: Some businesses are more attractive than others to hackers? Conduct a realistic assessment of all the potential internal and external risks and test all the scenarios.

Mode Communications can support your teams with Cloud Telecommunications implementation and ensure you are kept secure. Contact our team today to find out more.

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