New Ways to Communicate with Your Teams Whilst Working from Home

Last year we were all thrown into the world of working from home and whether you offered that as business before, or had never allowed it in the past, we all experienced the panic to support our remote working teams and have the tools in place for our business to continue to function.

2021 offers hope in the fact that with a vaccine ready and being implemented, we will hope to return to our offices and teams. However, for now we all continue to work from home and maybe take time to consider how we best communicate together.

So, Mode has compiled our top 5 tips on how to keep your teams engaged and communicative.

  1. Create a time in the week to “Show up”

Whether we like it or not, the office environment offers structure to our day. We have a start time, and end time, a lunch break. Often people thrive off that structure – it keeps them motivated and able to accomplish their goals. Losing that structure may have affected some of your team members so perhaps scheduling in a set time where your team have to “show up” online. That could be one to ones, or group meetings. It allows your team to get connected and share concerns or thoughts or thrive from gaining some much-needed human contact!

  1. Ensure there are different options for different people

Make sure you understand who your team are. Some people thrive off presenting detailed reports for their management team, rather than sharing thoughts or results in a meeting. Ensure, as business leaders, you offer what makes your team comfortable. As some people return to the office eventually and some remain working from home, or whether you offer a hybrid solution, make sure you bridge the divide in how your teams feel comfortable communicating.

  1. If you implement new policies, be transparent and share the detail

Obviously, there is still going to be a lot of change over the coming months even with a vaccine in play. You may consider bringing people back into the office, once you feel the vaccine is rolled out to a certain level, or you may hang on. Whatever you decide, ensure that you have clear policies as your teams may understandably have some concerns about returning to the office and want explanations about how they will be kept safe.

  1. The Challenge should be acknowledged!

When you are all in the office it is easy to identify who is struggling with their workload and who you need to support. As we are all working from home its harder to identify so be open with your teams, acknowledge how difficult it’s been and be open to speak to those who may need support.

  1. Try and build stronger team relationships

It is easy to build strong teams when you are together on a regular basis. Working from home has certainly made this harder. Try and create some fun things to do with your teams to encourage some team building. Sharing funny moments in the day like the delivery driver seeing you in your pyjamas, or sharing pictures of what you’ve had for lunch, how your pets have entertained you. Anything that encourages a light-hearted but connected moment in their day!

We only hope that 2021 starts to become positive and we can all return to more positive times, but in the meantime, stay connected with your teams and support them whilst they are all at home.

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This post was written by Anwen Haynes

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