How Do Unified Communications and the Cloud Help the Hybrid Office of the Future?

What seems like a lifetime ago, we all started working from home, spending countless hours in online meetings. Research conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper reported that people were spending on average 48.5 minutes extra each day working and having a further 12.9% more meetings. The paper also concluded that the number of emails being sent had grown considerably. So, if your business had not moved to the Cloud and implemented Unified Communications before the pandemic, then you either did in a hurry last March or you have definitely been struggling to conduct your business away from the office!

The loss of a centralised office meant that we all needed to work virtually with online meetings in a way like we had never experienced before. We had to try and keep our teams engaged in moving our businesses forward despite the pandemic. Just as we have now have this under control, the thought of returning to the office is now the new dilemma we face!

The reality is now that we may have to ensure that communications are fluid whilst our teams work in a hybrid existence with some members in the office and some working remotely, and now we will need to ensure that the collaboration and effectiveness of running our businesses remains as smooth as possible. Implementing Unified Communications in the Cloud offers your business so many benefits and will enable for your teams to function:

  1. Flexibility

UC totally supports hybrid working. Every member of your team regardless of their location can access the same tools and services meaning you can be in the office or at home and be using the same systems as if you are all together. This ensures that there is no risk of confusion in workflows, your teams are not obliged to be in a particular location. Your business remains flexible but productive and efficient.

  1. No bottleneck in your workflows

Being in a hybrid office environment can create a natural chasm between your teams. Working in different environments can create bottlenecks in your workflows and even disengaging your teams in what their roles are. UC allows a single environment, all tasks, conversations, even your telephone systems are all in one place so that everyone can access the tools they need when they need them.

  1. Increased productivity

UC in the Cloud is not just about connecting people over the cloud, it improves your productivity by removing the need for multiple communication platforms or several pieces of software. A Cloud phone system could act as a single hub for all teams’ communications, from your customer calls to chat, from conferencing to file or screen sharing. Your teams can work collaboratively which ultimately saves your business time and hence money. Therefore, your teams’ location is irrelevant. They are aligned in their goals, wherever they are.

  1. Great analytics

All working on the same systems is great, but Unified comms can also be a powerful enabler of your business growth. UC offers you real-time analytics which means you can analyse any spikes in your customer service calls, where the bottlenecks are in your work processes and provides you with incredible insight about any potential issues.

  1. Keeping your business secure

Security is a concern particularly with people working remotely. Businesses can be concerned that keeping their information in the Cloud is a risk, along with the potential of any data breaches and GDPR issues. However, this is only a reality when you do not implement the right strategy.

Unified Communications can solve this problem for you and ensuring you have the correct support in the form of a great UC service provider can ensure you are secure, implementing encryption and fraud prevention tools meaning you remain secure in your business and compliant.

  1. Support revenue growth

Ensuring your teams can speak to your customers easily whilst either working remotely or working in the office, means problems are solved quicker. Teams that are connected are always far more efficient.

Unified Comms can significantly increase your productivity wherever your teams are, and this solution certainly supports the hybrid working environment.

Unified Communications can offer your business the flexibility, the productivity, and the security you need to take your business into this new era of working. Why not contact Mode Communications today to find out how we can support your business?

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This post was written by Anwen Haynes

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