How can moving your telecommunications to the cloud support your digital transformation?

Many businesses have used PBX to manage their telecommunications. PBX (Private Branch Exchange) simply means that a business can communicate internally or externally and have more phones than the telephone lines. However, having this system provides businesses a host of complications in terms of scaling and reliability.

Businesses are now recognising the benefit of the cloud to provide the future scalability and functionality needed to ensure that they are fully engaging in the digital transformation that is happening so fast.

Your user experience is enhanced.

Your business communications are enhanced when you place this function into the cloud. With virtual local telephone numbers, you can enhance the service you provide your customers, and ensure that your teams have the same experience whether they are working remotely, in the office, at home or on the road.

Through global SIP trunking -a Voice Over Internet Protocol system-your communications can have a local presence anywhere in the world while converging all data and voice communications channels via a single connection. This ensures a seamless experience in your communications and ensures productivity is exceedingly high because of the reliability and how easy it is to use.

All your workflows are connected.

Our economy has becoming more and more digital in recent years, however the pandemic accelerated this considerably as we all found ourselves locked down, meaning we had to digitally collaborate all the time. This was notable in how cloud technology transformed communications. For example, customer service. By using the cloud, businesses can use one number and their customers can call or message creating a far less frustrating experience for all and a far greater enriched customer experience. Coupled with the speed with which you can add numbers into the cloud, a business can expand it capabilities and keep up with demand or the scalability of its business. Workflows that are needed can be added in minutes rather than weeks.

Complete efficiencies

Your business costs are greatly reduced when you use cloud communications, and you can access new market opportunities in different geographical areas quickly and easily increasing the agility of your service offering. In our new digital landscape, you can use virtual numbers to establish that local presence within minutes, managing them via a self-service portal meaning integration is simple and provisioning fast. The headache of doing such provisioning is reduced for internal IT teams as your cloud communications provider will have an SLA in place to ensure that this is seamless.

Also, very crucially, you alleviate the problems of regularity applications and licensing by using cloud communications.

Whatever the size of your business, to be able to be flexible, scalable in today’s circumstances means that you can be at the forefront of any digital transformation when using cloud communications.

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