Can Unified Communications Support a Hybrid Office?

Technology has evolved at an incredible rate, meaning that as we immerse ourselves in digital transformation that has certainly been rapidly increasing as a result of the pandemic, the communications tools at our disposal has meant that our working lives are no longer confined to a desk. However, with rapid tech changes, comes great confusion that we all feel and trying to understand what works for our business can seem like a minefield.

What are unified Communications?

The definition of Unified Comms or UC articulates how we can connect with different communications systems for our digital workforce, but also supports the collaboration we need in order to perform our jobs!

Therefore, whilst we were in lockdown and working remotely, and even more now as we emerge into some resemblance of normality, we may have teams that work in the office and at home-a hybrid environment-meaning there is even a greater need for the functionality of Unified Communications!

How Does Unified Comms support hybrid work?

Flexible and scalability are the key benefits of Unified Comms and the features of this platform allow your teams to have all the tools that they need to collaborate and achieve the best outcomes regardless of location of your team members.


This is the biggest benefit for the hybrid workplace. All your teams can use the same solutions and platform regardless of their location. Your office bound teams can continue to operate as they normally would, whilst your home-bound teams can connect with them and collaborate as if they were in the same building because everyone is using the same tech. Therefore no one needs to be bound to the office, but they can access the same functionality as if they were.

Fewer gaps in your processes

Naturally having teams in the office and at home can create chasms. If your remote teams do not have access to the same tools as those in the office, then naturally this creates gaps in your business process. Unified Communications eliminates this issue. AS hybrid working evolves eliminating the gaps by having one solution for communications supports your business processes.

Increase Productivity

It’s not all about being connected over the cloud. Unified Comms is a cloud-based technology that improves productivity because it eliminates the need for multiple platforms to support your teams. Its one software for all.

Being a cloud-based platform, your communications is held in one central location for all team communications, from chat to calls, file sharing, screen sharing, conferencing with your teams being able to collaborate and save your businesses time and substantial money again regardless of your locations.

Be analytical.

As all your information and conversations are in one location which supports engagement and productivity, it also supports your business growth. Real-time analytics supported by UC ensures you are able to spot trends in your business such as bottlenecks in client calls as Unified comms easily identifies potential problems and bottle necks and addresses them. AS business leaders you are offered insight into what processes you need to implement to support and empower your workplace in the hybrid environment.

Increase revenue growth.

The conversations you have with your customers will be far more supported with Unified comms because your teams will be interacting on a customised and aligned platform. Teams collaborating together and working together on one platform will only enhance your business growth as you will be working far more effectively.

Your business will be more reliable which ultimately supports the interactions you have with your customers, making the location of your teams irrelevant because they’ll be supporting your clients wherever they are.


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