Prepare for hybrid business success with Unified Communications analytics

Improving and protecting your business, particularly as we emerge into a hybrid working environment, is ultimately achievable by using the data trapped in your communications systems into usable, understandable insights. This will allow your business to ascertain your teams’ workflows and your business processes.

Unified Communications holds a wealth of information that can help you understand your team, the pressure points, the workflows, regardless of their location. That way you are able to understand what support needs to be implemented to improve pain points and ultimately improve the experience for your clients. Ultimately, it’s actionable insights in real-time, exceptionally valuable as it allows you to be reactive.

More businesses are moving toward cloud technologies, so its essential to be ahead of the tools that are necessary to communicate with each other. Unified Communications is an incredible tool to not only benefit from exceptional collaboration aspects to support hybrid working, but the analytics are essential in understanding how your business is functioning. It’s not a “nice-to-have” its essential if your business is to function and succeed in the hybrid working environment.

Your business operations from a bird’s eye view

Have you asked yourself – do I know what’s happening across the business operations right now? Have you a clue about the issues that are arising, do you know what support your teams working remotely need?

Real-time insight from your unified communications analytics can help you identify and react quickly to any trends identified. By having instant visibility, you can focus on essential business matters that are crucial for now and the future of your business and its growth.

Make sure you understand your clients need with call recording.

This information held within call recording not only helps with compliance but can ensure you understand how well your teams are dealing with your clients and what issues your customers are facing.

Know the calls you are missing.

Understanding the client calls you may be missing is imperative in understanding how to improve your business performance. You will see the time of day, the number, that means that you can decide whether you need to return the call or not.

Monitor how well your calls are handled.

You can view stats on how quickly your teams are answering calls, how many were transferred and how long people were on the phone. This can support your strategy on how to assign tasks to team member. If you address client support emails you are ensuring the operations of your business are seamless and smooth.

Analytics are not there to spy to on your teams, they are in place to ensure that you can ascertain where the pain points are for your teams and also support your planning for future business development. Why not take a look at Unified Communications benefits and contact Mode today?

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This post was written by Anwen Haynes

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