Case Study: How Unified Comms supported a Film Service Company

Implementing Unified Comms for our new client in the equipment services for film companies supported their hybrid working.

Our client is an equipment services company servicing film and television companies like the BBC, as well as prominent YouTubers and we were asked to offer solutions to improve their communications systems as their teams were working at home and in the office.

Our clients’ challenges.

Since the start of the pandemic, they have had to scale back massively and now most of the office staff are working from home. The issue with the existing system was that working from home was very difficult as although diverts were set up with hunt groups, however the system was over complicated and not working as efficiently as it should, with complications in getting calls through to the right people efficiently.

At the time we spoke to them during the pandemic, they only needed three handsets as everyone else could work remotely, however, they knew that their system would not be able to scale when the time came that their teams returned to the office. Their phone system was incapable of being seamless and this was impacting on their business as they were dealing with high end clients.

So, what was Mode’s solution?

Mode recommended that we implemented an IPECS cloud solution using three telephone handsets and all other users using Unified Comms applications.

The Unified Communications apps will allow the teams to take calls either directly on the apps or transferred from the office hunt group wherever they are working without the caller receiving any indication as to where the team are. The transition from taking calls in the office or out is completely fluid now. They can change the plan at short notice now in full confidence that the communications will not be a concern.

Also, as they add more members of staff, they can add handsets or apps as and when they need them. Set up will be instant as they will not need the involvement of an engineer every time, they need to add a member as with a cloud solution apps can be set up remotely and new handsets can be preprogramed and sent out.

This solution also supports their internal meetings, as several team members can be involved as they can be held over video conference using the mobile and laptop apps.

All call hunt unt groups and Auto attendant call traffic is now being routed through all these methods of use and the company have a fluid, seamless solution that not only supports their current working processes but will be able to adapt to future plans as well.