DECT Handsets

DECT Handset Product Information

DECT handsets are ideal for companies which operate over a large working area, multiple floors or companies that have staff members who are frequently on the move. If staff members are away from their desks, DECT handsets enable them to take and make calls on the go.

DECT Handset Benefits

DECT handsets have a range of up to 300 metres in perfect conditions and have the same features as a desktop handset. This means they are incredibly easy to use and are an increasingly popular option with many businesses today. DECT handsets allow you to roam freely around the office and still be contactable by your customers and other staff members. This is great for your customer perception as your customers will always be able to contact you when they need you. DECT handsets mean you will never miss an important call or additional sales order again.

Download the DECT Handset Factsheet.