Added value & Additional Features

Mode Communications offer a variety of peripherals to help businesses run more efficiently. Generally speaking, peripherals refer to external devices that provide input and output for your computer like a keyboard or a printer. At Mode Communications, our peripherals consist of:

  • Music on Hold
  • Fraud
  • Call Logging
  • Headsets
  • Call Recording
  • Mobile App
  • Mode Connect

The peripherals offered by Mode are fantastic ways to improve your customer service experience, while also making life easier for your staff and improving business efficiency. Many of the packages are also designed to protect your staff should a problem arise, such as call logging.

You can find out more about each option on our website but you are also more than welcome to get in touch and a member of our team will go through the different packages with you. Our systems are usually very quick and easy to install, maintain and use, but we will provide training so that you and your staff have expert knowledge.