Call Recording

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Call recording is becoming an increasingly popular option for many small to medium sized businesses. From time to time misunderstandings occur with conversations on the phone. Call recording provides a number of vital benefits which will protect you and your staff members should a problem arise.

Key Features

  • Provides an affordable solution for a wide variety of industries
  • Easy to install, maintain and use
  • Fast retrieval of calls with the ability to search by keyword or specific issue
  • Calls can be stored on DVD for cost effective back up
  • You can choose which calls you want to record
  • Designed for users of all sizes
  • Calls can be emailed to other colleagues should they need to listen to a call
  • Calls are encrypted so they can be stored securely


  • Protection – minimise costly disputes and verbal misunderstandings by recording telephone conversations
  • Legal Compliance – the FSA strongly recommend that regulated companies have a call recording facility should they need to rely upon the call at a later date
  • Customer Service – monitor how your calls are answered and improve the productivity of your staff
  • Training – select the best calls in order to train new or existing staff members

Call Recording and the Law

From March 2009 firms have to record all telephone conversations and electronic communications involving client orders for the equity, bond and derivatives market. It makes sense to protect your business.

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