Fraud Monitor

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Improve your telephone security with Fraud Monitor from Mode Communications. It is important that you protect your lines because if they are vulnerable, hackers are able to infiltrate your phone lines and use them to route calls at your expense. This can go undetected until you receive your bill.


  • Call fraud affects 40% of UK companies
  • Telephony fraud is worth more than four times as much as credit card fraud
  • Telephone systems and voicemail passwords can be hacked in a few seconds to gain access to your extensions and illegal calls can be rerouted through your phone system
  • You are liable for the cost of call fraud

Fraud Monitor lets us know if there is any suspicious activity on your lines immediately so we are able to prevent any nasty surprises.

To prevent fraud from happening to your business, call Mode Communications now on 0844 318 5000. Alternatively, for more information you can download our brochure on Fraud Monitor.