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The myPortal mobile app allows you to work anytime and anywhere in the world, and still stay connected to your office. Using our telephone business system you can work remotely, but still have all the features and benefits of sitting in your own office.

The app allows the user to dial straight out through the main phone system from any iPhone or Android Smartphone. This technology will even allow you to see the call status of your office staff, transfer calls to the office and set up conference calls. It’s the most innovative communications tool in telecoms yet.


myPortal to go is a feature-rich, communications app for iOS and Android smartphones. It is compatible with most telecommunications systems. It supports both UC Smart and UC Suite.

Besides convenient dialling incl. one number service, myPortal to go offers access to many other UC related features such as:

  • Favourites
  • Directories
  • Journal
  • Presence Status
  • Voicemail Access

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