OpenScape Business

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OpenScape Business is the award winning, modern and innovative all-in-one communication solution (PABX) for Unified Communication & Collaboration, specially tailored to the requirements of small and medium sized enterprises with one or more locations.

Siemens OpenScape Business provides smaller sized business with a great solution to their communication needs, all in one box. With a range of systems available, there are many features available.

Transition into the cloud

Additionally, OpenScape has the capacity to be a hybrid telecommunications system, which offers businesses that aren’t ready for the cloud, the means of utilising existing equipment with a combination of digital and IP handsets, and digital and IP lines.

Unify (Siemens) OpenScape Business X1

  • Perfect for smaller companies
  • Ideal for those who require 3 to 15 users and have a fairly tight budget
  • The system is flexible to suit the client and can be introduced to any infrastructure

Siemens OpenScape Business X3

  • Flexible and scalable IP system
  • Suitable for 5 to 40 users
  • Supports all required digital and analogue interfaces

Siemens OpenScape Business X5

  • Acts as a solution for a range of different applications, no matter how basic or complex
  • The OpenScape Business X5 can be wall mounted or a flexible rack
  • Ideal for 12 to 80 users
  • Provides a range of professional features

Unify (Siemens) OpenScape Business X8

  • This system is the largest in the family
  • Supports up to 128 channels of ISDN lines, 60 channels of SIP as well as 500 IP handsets and up to 328 digital or analogue handsets
  • Delivers intelligence in communications to help improve your business performance